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Conditinal Supplements

Most of the individuals are suffering from either one or the other nutrition deficiency which may need serious attention. Conditional supplements provide perfect solution to the problems before it get worse.

Item Code Description Ingredients Bottle Count
LPL10 Aids in reduction of elevated blood lipid levels and hyperlipidemia Garlic, Chlorella vulgaris, Tinospora cordifolia, Zinc 60
LVX20 A liver protectant that supports overall liver function Red Spiderling, Eclipta, Picrorhiza kurroa, Milk Thistle, Arjuna, Tinospora cordifolia 60
SST50 Supports healthy glucose metabolism Chromium, Enicostema axillare s. Littorale, Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Chancapiedra, Shilajit, Jambolan 30
MNA65 Helps to relieve menopausal symptoms Black Cohosh, St. John’s Wort, Red Clover, Chaste Tree Extract 90
MOL70 Expectorant that helps to relieve chest complaints, cough, and bronchitis Licorice, Malabar Nut, Peppermint, Holy Basil, Long Pepper, Yellow-Fruit Nightshade, Ginger 60
LAX15 Helps to relieve constipation, gas, accumulation and abdominal distension Triphala Proprietary Fruit Extract Blend, Senna Leaf, Licorice Root Extract 60
PGN80 Provides nutrients to hair follicles and helps to prevent hair loss Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Fo-ti Root Extract, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, L-Arginine 30